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Together with Customers

YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group works to ensure the use of select materials, manufactures high-quality products, and provides heart-felt service to customers at each stage of the value chain. We also make a genuine effort to improve our products and services from the continual feedback we receive from customers.

Together with Customers Commitment to Monozukuri

In the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group’s core Jewelry Business, craftsmen called prototype makers create jewelry from the design stage to the end product. Each and every piece of jewelry is shaped with an uncompromising attitude that repeats outstanding trial and error techniques honed over the years.
Cherishing with the utmost care the details that do not appear on the surface that shows consideration has been given to the way the piece adapts gently to the finger and skin, our prototype makers also carefully hone the inner surface of the ring and make the round shape to caress the skin. In the case of necklaces, the calculations extend to the angle at which the piece comes into contact with the skin, so that the necklace does not turn inside out with every move the wearer makes.

Reliability with Respect to Quality

The YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group maintains an immensely strong commitment to quality. Having established a jewelry center in Sagamihara for its jewelry business, the Group incorporates scientific methods, including X-ray inspection machines and diamond testers, and has built a quality control system staffed by 100 people.
In its Apparel Business, the Group operates local subsidiaries and representative offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as in Haiphong in Vietnam and Dhaka in Bangladesh and engages in process management and quality control.

Hospitality-Rich Customer Service

For there to be quality in our products, there is quality in our service, too. We do not merely recommend products, we value pleasant conversation and the provision of space so that customers who visit our stores can select products at their ease.

Providing Information

In an effort to fulfill its disclosure responsibilities and to ensure complete accountability, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group provides its customers with all relevant information in an appropriate manner. In addition, the Group strictly adheres to all related laws and regulations, including the Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Extra or Unexpected Benefit and Misleading Representation and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, while providing useful and valuable information to its customers in every facet of its sales, marketing, promotion and advertising activities.

Safeguarding and Handling Personal Information

In the collection and handling of personal information, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group fully recognizes the imperative nature of safeguarding individual privacy. In this context, each and every member of the Group will comply with all related laws, regulations and rules.