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Together with Shareholders

YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group works to provide highly transparent disclosure, listens to the concerns of shareholders, and uses this feedback to improve its management. We provide returns to shareholders through profitable growth, while building good relations through which we share in the delights of success.

Shareholder Returns

YONDOSHI HOLDINGS has paid dividends continuously since its listing, based on principle of stable payouts at a consolidated ratio of 25% or more. We also offer shareholders a preferential benefit plan that allows them to choose from among several items, as well as conduct special sales for family members of shareholder.


YONDOSHI HOLDINGS considers the General Meeting of Shareholders to be an important venue for investor relations, and aims to have open meetings. For institutional investors we also conduct presentations of interim and year-end results attended by the president and other members of top management. The president also attends meetings with small groups and individual investors as much as possible, as part of the Company’s emphasis on communication with investors. For its disclosure, in addition to systematic disclosure YONDOSHI HOLDINGS also prepares shareholder notices and fact books, and has an IR website in both Japanese and English.

Disclosing Relevant Information

While conforming to all laws and regulations, such as the Corporations Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as they relate to corporate management, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will also engage in sound business activities as well as lawful and appropriate information disclosure.

Maintaining Corporate Management Transparency

The YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will adopt and apply all appropriate accounting methods and procedures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial and tax accounts. At the same time, the Group will make every effort to bolster its internal and external auditing functions with the aim of ensuring transparent corporate management.

Prohibiting Insider Trading

In order to secure the trust and confidence of investors with respect to the fairness and soundness of securities markets, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will adhere strictly to a set of separately formulated rules for the management of internal information with the aim of preventing insider trading. In the event that a member of the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group comes into possession of insider information, that party will refrain from the purchase and sale of YONDOSHI HOLDINGS and all company shares until such information is publicly disclosed.