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Compliance Guidelines

Among a number of key management issues, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group positions compliance as an overriding priority in its efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. Based on an overarching fundamental compliance policy, the Group strives to ensure that its corporate activities are conducted with integrity and in an ethical manner, adhering strictly to all appropriate laws, regulations and societal norms.

Fundamental Policy

I Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In addition to adhering strictly to all appropriate laws and regulations, while fully respecting societal mores and norms, each and every member of the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will act in accordance with the highest ethical standards and within the bounds of public decency and common sense.

II Compliance with the Rules of Employment

Based on a complete understanding and appreciation of its content, each and every employee of the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will refrain from acting in a manner that contravenes expressly prohibited behavior and is not in the spirit of the Group’s Rules of Employment.


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