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Financial Highlights

  • Business Results
  • Financial Position
  • Cash Flows
  • Major Indicators
  • Per Share Data

Business Results

(Millions of yen)

Operating revenues 47,11844,97039,44938,12339,508
Gross profit 27,11525,78021,29419,67219,727
Selling, general and
administrative expenses
Operating income 4,9843,9752,7671,7881,979
Ordinary income 6,8044,3123,1952,2932,342
Net income 2,4402,4751,6221,4901,149

Operating revenues

Operating income

Ordinary income

Net income

1. The Company applied “Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition” (ASBJ Statement No. 29, March 31, 2020) from the beginning of the fiscal year ending February 28, 2023. Figures for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2023, are after application of this accounting standard.
2. From the beginning of the fiscal year ending February 28, 2023, the presentation of real estate lease revenue has been changed to recording in “Net sales,” and rental expenses on real estate to “Cost of sales.” Consolidated financial statements from the fiscal year ending February 28, 2022, have been recombined to reflect this change in presentation method.

Financial Position

(Millions of yen)

Total assets 59,93453,73753,00056,88450,211
Net assets 43,58739,58839,54342,91738,214
Interest bearing debt 17582000

Total assets

Net assets

Interest bearing debt

Cash Flows

(Millions of yen)

Cash flows from operating activities 1,6642,4336,6331,8713,103
Cash flows from investing activities 5,40772△2,169106△2,371
Cash flows from financing activities △9,344△5,468△2,5151,816△1,834
Free cash flows* 7,0712,5054,4641,977732

Note: Free cash flows = Cash flows from operating activities + Cash flows from investing activities

Major Indicators

Gross margin (%) 57.657.354.051.649.9
Operating margin (%)
Return on assets(ROA) (%)
Return on equity(ROE) (%)
Shareholders' equity ratio (%) 72.673.574.675.476.0
Current ratio (%) 205.5216.2229.6273.5233.3
Debt equity ratio (times)

Gross margin

Operating margin

Return on assets (ROA)

Return on equity (ROE)

Current ratio

Debt equity ratio

Per Share Data


Net income per share 96.03112.1875.0069.5653.61
Net assets per share 1,883.281,822.101,844.702,001.201,780.71
Cash dividends per share 7580818383

Net income per share

Net assets per share

Cash dividends per share